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Through enhanced communication and collaboration, payers and HTCs have a distinct opportunity to positively impact outcomes, cost, and patient experience in the management of hemophilia.

The Comprehensive Care Sustainability Collaborative (CCSC) convened in 2014 with two inaugural consensus meetings among health care stakeholders. The aim was to develop a framework for pilot programs that could be replicated across the United States between payers and hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) to facilitate cost-effective hemophilia management integrating the HTC comprehensive care model.

The HTCs’ comprehensive care management and documented ability to achieve quality care with improved outcomes served as a discussion focal point for both meetings, as well as payers’ perspectives on the specialty drug forecast and the management of hemophilia. 


The aim of CCSC is to provide payers with knowledge crucial for managing the high costs associated with hemophilia and to augment the sustainability of hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) as centers of excellence by…

  • overcoming communication gaps to increase connectivity between payers and providers
  • disseminating standards of care, quality, and cost management for hemophilia that will provide clarity regarding the value of the HTC integrated care model

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