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NHF has long since recognized the hemophilia treatment center (HTC) integrated comprehensive care model as the gold standard of clinical management for patients with rare, chronic bleeding or clotting disorders. In recent years, HTCs have found it more and more challenging to access specialty pharmacy contracts due to current trends:

  • Factor coverage is increasingly being shifted from the medical to the pharmacy benefit.
  • Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are acquiring their own specialty pharmacies (SPs) and convincing plan sponsors to allow the PBMs to become the exclusive provider of costly specialty drugs.

These growing threats to the future sustainability of the HTC integrated care model served as the impetus for NHF to launch the CCSC initiative. Join CCSC today to participate in a pilot program, access useful data and reporting templates, or gain insights from clinical and payer experts; all to support the continued success of your organization and improve access and outcomes for your patients and their families.

Benefits of CCSC Participation

  • Overcome communication gaps with payers pertaining to the management of hemophilia patients, role of Federal Drug Discount Program, and value of the comprehensive care model
  • Increased connectivity with payer stakeholders by sharing quantitative data that provides a distinct opportunity for quality improvement and a selling point for payer contract negotiations
  • National recognition for a commitment to quality improvement in hemophilia management


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