Hemophilia Treatment Centers: Payer Survey
A hemophilia treatment center (HTC) is a federally recognized facility providing expert interdisciplinary care in the management of bleeding disorders. The care provided at HTCs is inclusive of clinical, pharmacy, and psychosocial services, much of which is funded via 340B pharmacy revenue and often unreimbursed by payers. The US HTC network is organized and coordinated according to 8 specific regions and includes more than 140 centers distributed across the country as stand-alone or institutional facilities.
Please answer all of the questions that follow. Thank you for your participation.
QMC What type of organization do you work in?
Q1.1 What best describes your primary role?
  Q1.1a. Please specify.
Q1.2 Approximately how many patients with hemophilia are being managed in your plan or practice setting?
Q1.3 Were you aware of hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) and the services they provide prior to reading the description at the beginning of this survey?
Q1.3b Do you consider HTCs to be “centers of excellence” for the management of bleeding disorders?
Q1.4 Does your organization currently contract with an HTC for medical or pharmacy services in its network?
Q1.4b Do you recommend that your members with bleeding disorders be seen at the HTC at least once per year?
Q1.4c What is the primary reason your organization does not contract with an HTC for the management of members with bleeding disorders?
Q1.4d Would some means of formal accreditation and/or certification for HTCs change your current approach to contracting with an HTC for the management of members with bleeding disorders?
Q1.5 Which, if any, of the following accrediting bodies does your organization require certification from for network inclusion for specialty pharmacy services, such as the dispensation of factor replacement products?  
If you would like more information on the value of HTC-delivered care and other means by which you can manage the quality and cost of care for your members with bleeding disorders, please visit and
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