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Copay Accumulator Adjustment Programs (CAAPs) 

Part I: Overview

Part II: Employer Perspective on CAAPs

Patients & Family Caregivers: Prescription Drug Affordability Challenges During COVID-19
How CVS Health Drives McKesson’s Distribution Financials

Part III: Risks to the Patient

Building A Healthier Future For All: The 2020 Janssen U.S. Transparency Report
Impact of a Co-pay Accumulator Adjustment Program on Specialty Drug Adherence

Part IV: Patient Scenario

Part V: Summary

Part VI: NHF Survey Results

Comprehensive Care Sustainability Collaborative (CCSC)

Part I: NHF’s Role and Importance of CCSC

Part II: Clarity of What We Mean by Data Sharing

Part IIIa: BCDI and Tulane’s Experience with CCSC

Part IIIb: BCDI and Tulane’s Experience with CCSC

Part IV: Helping Tell the HTC’s Story to Payers

Part V: Real-time Collaboration between HTCs and Payers

Part VI: Translating Data to Show Best Practice Management to Payers

Part VII: Benefits to Joining CCSC

Part VIIIa: Closing Comments

Part VIIIb: Closing Comments