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CCSC Presents: Managing Costs and Clinical Outcomes While Preparing for a Rapidly Changing Therapeutic Landscape

Web archive from the NHF Bleeding Disorders Conference 2022

A Live Webcast Archive:
Copay Accumulator/Maximizer Programs and Alternative Funding Schemes:
The Unintended Consequences for Patients and Payers Alike



  • Midwest Business Group on Health Webcast Archive – Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders: Plan Design Strategies that address Costs, Waste & Improve Outcomes




  • HTC Success in a Value-Based Health Care Environment: Findings from the Comprehensive Care Sustainability Collaborative (CCSC)



  • Copay Accumulators and the Impact on High-Cost, Rare Diseases



  • CCSC Pilot Program Education and Training Webcast

  • Virtual Symposium: Charting a Course for Cost-effective Improved Outcomes in Hemophilia Management