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As a managed care and payer representative, you play a vital role in improving access to quality care for patients with hemophilia. We know your goal is to improve patient outcomes while containing or even lowering the cost of care for this high cost, chronic disease. We encourage you to join CCSC to gain insights from hemophilia providers and payer experts, access useful management tools and resources, and advance your collaboration with Hemophilia Treatment Center providers and employers. Even if you do not manage many members impacted by hemophilia, the lessons learned from CCSC are applicable to managing any high-cost, chronic conditions.

 Why is CCSC needed?

  • To help advance the collaboration between payers and federally recognized HTCs to enable patient access to high quality care while providing data and needed transparency that can lower the total cost of care
  • Assurance for health care purchasers that their employees/beneficiaries with hemophilia are being optimally managed by an HTC Center of Excellence

What are the Benefits of CCSC Participation?

  • Improved quality of hemophilia care and stabilization or reduction in factor costs
    • Greater focus on the patients with severe hemophilia or those with inhibitors
    • Improved factor contracting price with HTCs directly vs. specialty pharmacy providers
  • Better transparency to further mitigate risk and identify ways to lower total cost of care
  • Access to advanced analytics on a rare, high-cost disease
  • Increased connectivity with HTC directors and affiliated providers seeking more rigorous standards of quality care and cost containment for hemophilia and other rare bleeding or clotting disorders

Interested in learning more about the latest updates in the treatment and management of hemophilia? Visit

an educational website devoted to hemophilia CME/CE activities for payers/managed care professionals.