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FACT SHEET: CCSC Benefits for Payers

FACT SHEET: CCSC Benefits for Employers

FACT SHEET: CCSC Benefits for Providers

CCSC Executive Summary

Overview for Hemophilia Treatment Centers

Awarding Winning Poster – Presented at the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy 2017 Annual Meeting

Article in the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy (JMCP): Hemophilia Management via Data Collection and Reporting: Initial Findings from the Comprehensive Care Sustainability Collaborative

Poster presented at the AMCP Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy Conference 2017: Improving Payer-Provider Collaboration and Data Reporting for Hemophilia Management: Metric Development for Quality Improvement

NHF on Accumulator Adjustment Programs

Cost Savings Worksheet

CCSC Inhibitor Case Study

Other Resources